Decisions on what to pay new employees and how to compensate tenured ones deeply influences the morale, longevity and, ultimately, the success of your workforce and their ability to make a real difference in meeting the set goals of any business. Having a fair equitable and standardized structure in place will ensure leaders make informed decisions.

Our Aproach

Our approach to salary survey is quite comprehensive to allow for benchmarking and review of compensation perks for agreed on bench mark positions in line with the industry market trends. Our approach includes;

  • 1. Agreeing on bench mark positions (similar job titles or new job family
salary benchmarking
  • 2. Agreeing on the JD for the benchmark positions
  • 3. Identifying the key target players in the industry
  • 4. Collecting the data for the bench mark positions
  • 5. Preparation and submission of the draft report
  • 6. Submission of final report


We take approximately one month

Call us for a consultative meeting to determine and understand your needs

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