Successful expatriate relocation represents a significant investment and risk, but if supported by the right HR Business partner, it can deliver high growth and reward to the company.

We offer expatriate relocation support services to International companies relocating their employees over seas and specifically in Uganda. We support visa and work permit application, flight, accommodation and transport arrangements, ensuring the relocation is seamless. To enable the expatriates focus on the job assignment without worrying about immigration requirements, we have a dedicated team available to manage the immigration process, collect the appropriate data/documents from the expatriate and submit the necessary paperwork for successful entry and application of the work permit/ dependent passes.

Immigration processes are detail-oriented, time sensitive and require a great deal of attention. Immediately an expatriate is granted a work permit, the obligation to pay taxes applies inevitably. To avoid costly lapses, it’s important that relocating expatriates are supported by reliable experts that will ensure compliance within the specific countries the expatriates are relocating to. We are the go to company for all the expatriates we support. We manage all their accommodation rental payments, utilities payment, car rental payments, work related travel arrangements including flights among other critical support services. And we pay their salaries and remit their taxes as required by law!

This enables our client to focus on their core business without relocating a fully-fledged HR function abroad.

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