Innovative approach to Executive Selection – Interim Management. Before a key role is vacant for a significant period, its critical to secure flexible gap cover. Sudden or unplanned change in key leadership positions can be disruptive to even the most organized company. Yet again, a client may require a skilled executive for a defined period of time to implement change, re-structure the organization, turn around under performing projects or deliver critical time bound projects. Executive Interim Managers have become critical in recent years as a cost – effective way to bridge the gap during such times.

Executive Interim contractual placements cover a period of between 3 to 9 months, enabling a client benefit from an Executive staff who immediately adds immense value to their operations as they look for permanent staff. We have a wide range of Interim Managers skilled to work across all business sectors and verticals, we deploy both local and Global Interim Managers and are actively involved and ensure both our clients and our Interim Managers goals are aligned and that the expected business objectives are delivered.

Executive Selection is normally a long process that could take up to 5 months as most senior executives would be required to give 3 months notice. Interim Managers give a client time to select the right permanent candidate, minimizing the risk of getting the wrong person on board. We have access to over 1,000 Interim Managers and have the ability to have the right candidate interviewed and on assignment in as little as 48 hours from receiving client request.

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