It is never easy to let go an employee! The importance of ensuring the process is within the legal framework cannot be over emphasized. We help manage the process as per the employment laws to ensure that fairness and equity is applied in all levels. We chip in to help assess the reasons for retrenchment which must be genuine, and the process must be fair and correct to meet the demands of the legal system. Substantive criteria must be economically, technologically and structurally justified while the process must also involve extensive consultation between the employer and employees affected by retrenchment.

Our Approach

  • 1. Confirming the retrenchment process is aligned with the legal framework
  • 2. Preparing letters for affected staff
  • 3. Managing the staff affected through structured programs aimed at supporting a smooth transition

We endeavour to offer counselling and training where needed to support the employees in the future.

When you need to retrench, call us for a consultative meeting to determine your needs

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